I’m curious as to what chemicals are in Lynx body spray to make it so pungent (and in my opinion, awful).

Flamin’ Windows and it’s autoupdates, takes forever to start up and even to shutdown.

It has been so hot in Dunedin lately that I’ve stopped wearing my (analogue) watch but then really miss the convenience of having the time on my wrist. Pulling out my phone to check the time is a hassle.

Interesting to see how dramatically my use of Facebook tapered off in the last 3 years. From multiple posts per day to perhaps 2 per month now!

In the process of slowly backfilling my blog with my Facebook content. Facebook really object to deleting old posts, an annoying popup asking “are you sure” and assuming you’ve been hacked with every item I delete.

I only figured out what the ‘conversation’ option does when you tap on a post in the micro.blog timeline a couple of days ago and it has transformed my experience – magic!!

Watched a movie about Enid Blyton this evening, she was not at all like I imagined her to be. She was a terrible mother, workaholic but clearly a prolific writer (750 published books!)

A summary I wrote of some of the current thinking on the role of serotonin (5-HT) in depression: Serotonin and Depression

Oops, not ready to catch my usual bus to work, my morning ‘routine’ (‘stumble’ really) is rusty after 3 weeks holiday.

Preparing myself for returning to work on Monday by applying for a new job.