Can anyone give some tips on integrating with (Allowing for a very loose interpretation of ‘integrating’)

I’ve made up my mind about blog platform/hosting and have chosen to go with

Not the Murchison Mountains near Te Anau, but a takahae nonetheless! (At Orokanui ecosanctuary, Dunedin)

I am trying out Squarespace as a blogging platform. A completely hand coded site is too much work and I am tired of WordPress security issues. What I really want is to focus on writing rather than technical stuff, despite always getting bogged down in the details of that.

Sitting here with the windows and doors open on a warm evening listening to sheep and lambs in the distance, quite a pleasant sound instead of traffic noise.

Ok, end of my first day as a microblogger

My dog just ran out of the room in a panic, chased by a blowfly!! (She has an odd phobia of buzzing insects)

Wahoo! I Finally have a microblog. What remains to be seen is how much I end up using it.